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For 22 years Computer Designs Unlimited has delivered, dependable, and cost-effective computer repair services to our clients. We are driven by our values of honesty, expertise, attention to detail, teamwork, and credibility with our clients.

We specialize in computer repairs, maintaining & installing computer networks, troubleshooting problems, and internet and network security. We also support new installations, transferring and restoring data, hardware problems, software troubleshooting, virus & spy-ware detection and removal, and training. If you are in need of Computer Repairs,  Custom Built Computer Systems, Upgrades, Website Development, Networking, or Spyware and Virus Removal, give us a call. 

For All your Computer Needs!

Types of Work performed:

Virus and Malware Removal

System Upgrades

Backup and Data Transfer

System Reloads

and more.............

Laptop Screen Repairs

Laptop Screen Replacement

Fix or replace damaged keyboards

and more........

Desktop Computer Repair and Upgrades

Replace Power Supplies

Replace or Upgrade Hard drives

DVD Drives



and more............

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Data recovery is a very time consuming process, and often requires special software and tools. Therefore, we encourage all of our customers to BACK UP THEIR DATA FREQUENTLY. As this service is so time consuming, we  charge an additional fee for data recovery.  Remember, avoid the need for costly data recovery by backing up your data often.

For Honest customer care, Computer Designs Unlimited is the place to come.

Located on 1 Milwaukee Street in Malone New York.


Store Hours:

M - F  9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Free Recycling of Electronics

1 Milwaukee Street, Malone NY 12953

Drop-off location for disposal of hazardous computer
and electronic waste efficiently,
appropriately and in compliance
with the law.

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The FBI Virus has been spreading rapidly and is infecting hundreds of thousands of computers at an alarming rate. There are many forms of the FBI Virus and all of them share the same method of operation: you did something illegal and need to pay money. If your computer is infected with the FBI Virus it  needs to be removed immediately.  Please realize that this is a complete fraud confirmed by the FBI, and the FBI is in no way affiliated with this virus.



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